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Revolutionizing the Digital Marketing landscape.

LSAs are Google’s latest marketing product. All attorneys and law firms should be paying close attention. LSAs will be a game changer for law firms of all sizes.

ProSites Legal is one of the first digital marketing companies to offer access to Local Services Ads by Google—a new way to position your firm at the top of Google searches. 

Get Better Leads Direct Dialing You

Local Services Ads are the most innovative product Google has released in a decade. Instead of clicks or form fills, clients immediately call in to your firm. 

You get highly targeted inquiries, making it easier to book new clients who need your services now.  

Earn Trust with Google Screened Badge

In order to run LSAs, your firm needs to go through Google’s vetting process. The result is a coveted “Google Screened” badge—a clear sign to leads that your business is trustworthy. 

ProSites Legal will work with Google’s reps on your behalf. The result is an improved experience for both your firm and the customer. 

Put Your Business at the Top of Google 

Google places Local Services Ads at the top of search results, allowing your firm to stand out from the competition. This placement is a game changer for firms, especially if you work in competitive markets. 

ProSites Legal helps optimize your Local Services Ads to ensure you make the most out of this placement.  

Local Clients, Looking for You

Leverage the strength of Google to attract local clients right when they’re searching for your services. 

When your phone rings, it will be a client specifically looking for a lawyer with your specializations. Local Services Ads can be tailored to specific searches so you only receive relevant leads in your area.

ProSites Legal will work with your firm to tailor the content to your area of expertise.

Maximize Your Return on Investment  

Local Services Ads are on a pay-per-lead basis. You can be assured the Local Services leads reaching out to your firm are seeking an immediate consultation when they dial your phone.

If you do get bad calls, including sales calls, spam calls, or those outside your local area, ProSites Legal handles the refund process with Google to get reimbursed for that call. 

Part of a Total Marketing Strategy 

Local Services Ads work best when they’re part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. The experts at ProSites Legal will review your short and long-term goals, along with your competition and ideal client base. Then we’ll work with you to make sure all aspects of your marketing strategy coordinate to deliver the best results.  

Join Early to Rank Higher in LSAs 

Google has stated that early adopters will enjoy additional benefits, including preferred placement and algorithmic credit.

Rank in LSAs is partially dependent on how quickly you can join the platform, as well as reviews and the customer service you deliver. Early adopters can improve their ad placement by establishing a longer call history and building their reputation with Google.

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