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Digital marketing is the top way for lawyers to attract new clients and build brand recognition in their local area. That’s why ProSites offers comprehensive legal marketing services that are proven to help accelerate growth and attract new clients.

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Digital Marketing Solutions for Lawyers

Lawyers have unique marketing needs compared to other industries. Your clients all come from different backgrounds, age groups, and walks of life, so the traditional strategies to find clients won’t work. ProSites will help you build a marketing strategy that attracts leads right when they need your services.

Tailored Marketing Solutions to Fit Your Legal Firm’s Goals and Budget

Whether you’ve just launched your business—or are looking to build brand recognition for your established firm—ProSites has the expertise to support your marketing goals. We provide customized solutions designed to bring in a consistent stream of new business so you can spend your time focused on winning cases.

SEO Strategies Tailored for Legal Professionals

When prospects need legal services, they start with a Google Search. By implementing a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, ProSites will help you rank for key legal terms in your area. Our SEO services include on-site optimizations and new content that highlights your expertise and specializations. We also provide ongoing monitoring and testing to help you achieve long-lasting, impactful results. These strategies are proven, as our Premium SEO clients see an 81% increase in the number of keywords they rank for on page one of Google!

Local Services Ads for Lawyers

Google's latest product provides the opportunity to start immediate conversations with your leads. Local Services Ads deliver calls, not clicks, allowing your firm to deliver excellent customer service from the first moment. LSAs appear at the top of relevant Google searches in your local area, ensuring that you find clients who are urgently searching for a lawyer in your area. If you're looking to rapidly fill your client list—or even the playing field with larger firms—Local Services Ads are an excellent opportunity to skyrocket to the top of Google.

Fast-Track Client Acquisition with PPC for Lawyers

If you’re looking to rapidly attract new clients, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the fastest option. PPC is an excellent strategy for all budgets, as you only pay when viewers click on your advertisements. You can target specific terms to attract clients who need specific legal advice, and there are many strategies to overtake competitors in your area. The ProSites team will handle content creation and optimization to launch your ads, as well as provide monthly tracking to optimize your return on investment.

Enhance Client Engagement with Social Media Management

Attracting new leads is important, but supporting your current clients also needs to stay top-of-mind. Social media helps you to build relationships and increase referrals. Our social media team will post relevant content once a week to help you connect with current clients—and attract new ones via referrals and engagement. Through branded imagery and informative content that resonates with viewers, we help your law firm build a strong reputation on Facebook.

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