Bill your Clients Online with Bluefin

ProSites Legal and Bluefin have partnered to provide law firms with a comprehensive and convenient way to make online payments – right within your secure portal.

Online credit card acceptance

Easy Payment Solutions for Your Clients

  • Integrated Directly on Your Website Process debit and credit card payments directly through your online portal so clients can easily make payments.
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings Eliminate duplicate payments and the time it takes to send billing reminders. Reduce your average transaction time to 12 seconds.
  • Competitive Rates Bluefin provides some of the best processing rates in the industry and will work with your business to conduct a complimentary rate review.
  • Direct Customer Support Bluefin provides direct customer support, so your firm will receive a dedicated relationship manager. Quick, dedicated customer support means you can focus on your clients.

Bluefin is a leader in the payment processing industry, offering the most robust and secure payment options for small businesses. And as a member of the PCI Standards Security Council, you can rest assured that Bluefin has built each of their payment solutions with the highest level of security.