Client Experience: Creating a competitive edge

Law firms should always be on the lookout for the latest marketing trend, and Google’s Local Services Ads are an exciting addition to your digital portfolio! Google has been slowly launching the product industry by industry, and they are beginning to open it up to law firms across the country. This is an exciting opportunity for firms to bring in ongoing leads by being an early adopter for this upcoming marketing trend!

Climb to the Top of Google Search Results

Google places Local Services Ads at the very top of search results, even before traditional pay-per-click advertisements. This placement can be critical for firms in crowded markets, where several competitors are already using SEO and ads to try and gain the biggest market share. It’s also a huge opportunity for smaller firms trying to compete against large brands that naturally attract more website traffic. And because ads are shown only to clients in your area, you can be sure you’re attracting people you can actually work with.

Phone Calls, Not Clicks

Local Services Ads are different than any other marketing service, as your leads will immediately dial into your firm’s phone to start a conversation. As a result, you get highly targeted leads, making it easier to book initial appointments and grow your client base. Local Services Ads are the perfect fit for firms that deliver prompt and welcoming customer service, giving you an edge that you won’t get through online forms.

Show Off Your Excellent Reputation

Google verifies all LSA applicants with a rigorous screening process, including confirming your location and checking your license. The result is a coveted “Google Screened” badge—a valuable reputation builder for law firms that qualify. ProSites Legal will communicate with Google’s team on your behalf to earn this badge, so you can quickly get your ads up and running. The result is a “green flag” from Google that conveys your trustworthiness and expertise.

Maximize Your Marketing Budget

Local Services Ads run on a pay-per-lead basis, meaning you are only charged when a valid lead calls into your firm. If you do get bad calls, including spam or calls from people outside your location, ProSites Legal will conduct the refund process with Google to make sure you are reimbursed. Most marketing products don’t offer reimbursement for invalid or irrelevant leads, making LSAs a great fit for firms that want to get their money’s worth!

Are Local Services Ads A Good Fit for My Law Firm?

Google’s Local Services Ads are an excellent product, but you need to ensure you’re willing to put in the effort. Since they are entirely based around phone calls, you’ll need to ensure that you have a friendly team ready to answer new calls when they come in. You also have to be willing to go through the verification process to earn your Google Screened badge, including submitting your license, headshot, and contact information.

To see if Local Services Ads are a good fit for your law firm, reach out to ProSites Legal!

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