8 Legal Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Firm

Digital marketing provides endless opportunities to grow your client list, many of which require minimal time and effort on your part. ProSites has created a list of 8 quick legal marketing strategies that will help attract new clients and build your firm!

1. Get Verified on Local Services Ads

Google has always led the digital marketing industry, and their latest product provides a unique opportunity to converse with clients. Instead of directing clients to your website to fill out a form, Google will instead have searchers immediately call into your firm’s phone. Google will also put Local Services Ads at the very top of search results, allowing you to beat the competition. This placement can be critical for firms in highly competitive cities where competitors are already using SEO and PPC to try and rank higher on Google. And because ads are based on the customer’s location, you only talk to clients in your area. Local Services Ads provide a unique opportunity to be an early adopter of a brand new technology!

2. Perfect Your Firm’s Website

When a client is looking for their new lawyer, they’ll typically start by browsing local firms’ websites. It’s imperative that your website stands out among the local competition and presents a professional front. Take the time to ensure that your website looks modern and resizes on both mobile phones and tablets.

Since your website acts as the centerpiece of your legal marketing strategy, this is the one thing you may want to leave to the experts. ProSites can design your website, provide excellent content, and encourage visitors to book a consultation with your firm.

3. Create a Google My Business page

One of your biggest legal marketing priorities is to build a brand reputation that showcases your trustworthiness and expertise. Creating a Google My Business listing allows clients to submit reviews of your firm and express how you’ve helped them in the past. It also provides central contact information including your address, phone number, and website URL so viewers can easily reach out to your firm once they’ve seen all your awesome reviews.

4. Post About Your Pro Bono and Volunteer Work

Social media provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the benefits you bring to the community. Take the time to post about your pro bono work that has helped support those in-need, along with any articles or news stories that mention your great work. You can also post staff photos from volunteer events and charity walks, or even sponsor causes you strongly support. Showcase all of these efforts on your social media to build brand awareness and delight your existing followers.

5. Maximize Your Client Reviews

Cultivating a great reputation used to rely solely on word of mouth, but now it has expanded to include the digital world. Potential clients give a lot of weight to the reviews they read online, so encourage your satisfied clients to leave their comments on your firm’s Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp pages (if applicable). You can ask clients for reviews in your email footers, on signs in your reception area, and in your one-on-one conversations. Building your library of reviews is instrumental to creating an online reputation that will bring new clients through the door!

6. Write Frequent Press Releases

It can be difficult to boast, but it’s essential to send out press releases when your firm has some fantastic news. From special awards to new partners, be sure to highlight any exiting news on your website in a designated “Press Releases” section. For extended staying power, post on LinkedIn, Google My Business, and your firm’s Facebook page.

7. Have a Robust “About Us” Page on Your Website

Clients want to know who they’re going to be working with, so include introductions and photos of your staff on your website. Your bios should include education and work experience, but don’t forget to include your hobbies and personality as well. A sentence or two about your favorite types of cases and personal mission statements can help clients find the best fit for their representation, and it makes your first meetings more personal and welcoming.

8. Shoot More Videos

Video has become more common in the marketing world, with Google incorporating videos in their search results and even prioritizing pages that include videos. Take the time to record video walkthroughs of your office, client testimonials, and interviews with your partners and staff. Seeing your faces beforehand builds trust with clients before their first meetings, and you can include these videos on both your website and online advertising. If you need help getting started with your video marketing, reach out to ProSites Legal! We can send a team over to record footage at your office, then roll it into a sophisticated production and market it online.

Focusing on your legal marketing provides the opportunity to grow your firm while building your brand’s reputation.

Take the time to implement these strategies and test new channels that will make the most of your time and budget. If you need additional help launching your legal marketing, reach out to ProSites Legal at (888) 604-6111.