How to Communicate with Different Types of Legal Clients

Communication is an essential skill for lawyers, and with that is learning how to communicate with different kinds of clients. Every type of client will have different communication needs. To ensure both you and your client have a positive experience, you need to meet those unique communication needs.

Understanding the different types of legal clients will help your firm grow. It takes time to learn the difference and know how to alter your communication style for each kind. Here is a guide of the three most common kinds of legal clients to help you and your firm.

First-time Clients

First-time clients have either never used a lawyer, or never used the type of lawyer they are currently working with. Often, they have been forced to seek out a lawyer. They may believe some myths about lawyers and be hesitant to trust you. This process is completely new to this kind of client. They may be overwhelmed, exhausted or frightened by everything that is going on. To help this client, explain every step with great detail. Be prepared for many questions. It will be important to show your knowledgeable to build their trust.

Frequent-flyer Clients

The frequent-flyer client is the opposite of the first-time client. These clients have needed legal services often or have been through the court system many times. Many frequent-flyers have many business interests to protect or work in highly regulated industries. They can be very valuable for your firm if you build a lifetime relationship with them.

This group can be difficult to communication with them because their experience. They will know more legal terminology and process information than the average person. This makes them feel like they already know everything. With these clients you will want to make it clear that you are in charge. They may want to make the calls. You will need to show your expertise with confidence, so they know you are in charge. You can then make the important decisions to get the best outcome for your client.

Know-it-all Clients

This kind of client is similar to the frequent-flyer and will need much of the same communications. The difference is this client’s knowledge does not necessarily come from experience. These clients may be stressed by the circumstances that have brought them to your office and could be anxious about turning over control. Much like with frequent-flyers, you will need to be confident and establish your authority from the very beginning. However, with these clients you may also need to address some of the fear they are facing and ease their anxieties. Ensuring they know that you will do what is best for them will help you work with these clients.

During your career you will need to learn how to communicate with these three types of clients and more. Learning how to communicate with these types of clients will help you be better prepared to work with them and serve them the most effectively. Fortunately, we are here to help. We have many communication and marketing resources that can help you manage your firm.

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